Blackbird Ceramics

Studio Pottery by Richard Prentice
West coast designs, handcrafted in Pembrokeshire
Sea Globes & Sea Urns

It is impossible to live in Pembrokeshire and not be mesmerised by the sea. It is the constant changes in colour, light, and reflections you find along the Pembrokeshire coastline that have influenced the design of these small pots.

An installation of Sea Globes are constantly on show in the gallery, displayed across an old Pembrokeshire long table. I am always developing them so when you revisit the gallery I am sure you will find some new ones to add to your collection.
Pembrokeshire pottery ceramic artist saundersfoot saatchi art st brides narberth tenby  the grove coast  penally abbey
Colliery Pots

Around Pembrokeshire you will find colliery sites in various states of dilapidation and preservation. These sites once produced some of the finest coal taken by trams past the gallery to be distributed from Saundersfoot Harbour. 

For these pieces I use a clay that has a high oxide content, grainy texture, and when fired presents a beautiful black finish. I use two techniques, slab work for the body of the pieces and hand thrown chinmeys.

The engraved texture on these pieces creates a random design on each side. Following bisque and glaze firing, I add fine details of gold and copper lustre into the texture of the pieces before a final third firing.

The finished piece has a story to be told. A story of a time long ago where industrial mining sat next to farming, of a history of hard working miners, of the wealth of minerals underground, and Royal clients who demanded Pembrokeshire coal for its smokeless high temperature qualities.
Pembrokeshire pottery ceramic artist saundersfoot saatchi art st brides narberth tenby  the grove coast  penally abbey
Functional Ware
- Medjool Pots / Beach Jars
- Espresso Sets
- Fine bone china bowls and charger plates
- Dinner sets
- Vases

Throughought the year I make bespoke pieces of functional ware available to buy from my gallery and on line. These include hand thrown medjool pots or beach jars - beautiful slip decorated pots ideal for serving chutneys or just as a decorative ornament.

Espresso sets made of either fine bone china or earthenware clay are regularly made in my studio here on the Pembrokeshire coast as well as
bespoke vases such as the unique 'Harbour Wall' tulip bricks.

​​​​​To see more photographs of my current and past work please go to the images section of my website.

If you are interested in purchasing any of my work or finding out more then please do not hesitate to contact Richard, at [email protected]